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The First Saturday of the new year!

I am filled up from Left overs and feeling lazy, but its Saturday and there should be some fun, right? :D
Or should we just go for a movie at home? The Holiday season is behind us and over induldging is now a thing of the past but our bodies are paying the price. Now might be a good idea to start a healthy eating plan for the next week or month, a nice cleanse to reboot your body a little.

Cocoa Bliss Smoothie

You can use chocolate as part of your detox routine, as long as it’s the right kind. This smoothie tastes like chocolate covered strawberries, sweet and chocolatey with digestive enzymes from the honey, no refined sugar, and antioxidants from the chocolate and strawberries.

What You Need

1 tbsp Dark Cocoa Powder
Honey to taste
1/2 cup Coconut Milk
1/2 cup Strawberries
1 cup Ice (if during warmer months)

Instructions: Blend everything together until frothy and smooth.

Dark Cocoa Powder

Dark cocoa is going to contain antioxidants that regular cocoa doesn’t have. It’s also going to be sugar free if you go with a high quality option. The caffeine content will vary by manufacturer, but it is a small enough amount to only affect those very sensitive to caffeine.

Sounds EASY and yummy enough

Hopes and Dreams

My hopes and dreams for 2016 are quite simple. A long time ago I learned that life is better when it is simple and it holds true to this day.  At least for me. 
I hope that I can continue  to make little kids happy by cosplaying princesses and that I get more opportunities  to do so. It is very rewarding and I enjoy it.  Girls need rolemodels and if I can be that for them then that is enough.
I also hope and wish for good health for my friends and family,  and yes for myself too. It scatted me so much because without good health we are fragile and life becomes  scary :(
Further more I hope for friendships and more meaningful relationships because in the end friendships are more valuable  than things. 
I hope for good food,  love,  good music and lots of fun filled events. 
I want to go to as many parties and fantasy events as possible because I love it and its my passion. I hope to have some great outfits again this year and that it  will once again boost my self confidence  sky high. :)

Today started with the traditional  sea food and triffel. Mmmm...

Make a Wish

On Tuesday I went to Zutphen to help out with the make-a-wish foundation and it was just so beautiful. It was a very bad day weatherwise and most people were grumpy and moody looking as I stood waiting at the station.
I was picked up and drove to Castle De Voorst only about 10 mins away. Through the rain splattered window I saw the pink limo infront of us that was carrying the little girl to her DREAM day of being a REAL princess.
I snuck into the castle and changed into my Elsa costume, glittery and sparkly and BLUE. The kings room was decorated in blue and white so they thought it would lok beautiful to have the crowning ceromony in there. I was sitting on a gorgeous chair and waited for the guests to come in. The family were all beaming and looked so happy to be enjoying this care-free day. The little kids were all laughing and giggling and it was a pure joy to see the two girls come in on the arm of their father in pretty pink and blue ball gowns. I "Crowned them" and then we had a wonderful high tea in the next room. The little delicatesse's were wonderful and really delicious (not at all like the normal Dutch standard stuff you get served) We then played music and sang Let it go together and there were blue beamer lights and snow confetti coming down from the ceiling. It was beautiful and it was so rewarding to see this family so happy and laughing. :D

Then we got into the limo and I gave out presents to all the children.

I got home late, cold and wet but very happy.

Fall/Autumn update

I really want to make my house moree cosy and warm for the colder season...Brrr
What I will do is buy some more nice pillows, preferably covered in fake fur, to go with my lovely and warm fake fur throw. Also some nice warm colours like rich browns or warm reds help to warm a room quickly. Especially if you use candle light. I love scented candles as much as the next person, specially the autumn and Christmas scented ones.
If you have a fire place, make a fire and if not, just stream a fire place video on youtube :D

Make sure to have a few pretty mugs for hot chocolate. Make sure to put some whipped cream on top.

Doing puzzles are also great fun to do at night. You get to spend time together with someone and talk while building the puzzle. They are also strangely addictive!

Up next, Chocolate fondu! Get some choclate that is easy to melt and melt it on the stove, keep stirring. Once the chocolate is melted it will actualyl stay melted for quite a long time. Cut fruit such as strawberries, banana's and apples into small bite size pieces. It's really fun.

Make sure to hang up fairy lights everywhere to give your home that warm glow.


For now, I let popular PINS on Pinterest influence almost every aspect of my lifestyle to see if it makes me a "better adjusted" person :-)
Sooo...Since Monday (3 days ago) I have been wearing what has been popular outfits (or something that looks a bit like it) to see what happened. I usually don't wear modern clothes or what is in "fashion" so when I tried this popular grunge look I noticed that I was blending in with a big majority of 20-something kids :-P
I actaully quite like the shirt because when its cold, the flannel is warm and you can have it buttoned up or open. It might actaully be better than a boring old sweat shirt.
I might have to find some plus size ladies to see how I can fiz the skinnyjeans/leggings problem because I have short, sausage legs. I might have to go check out pinterest's shoe sectionnext :P

    So yesterday I started following the popular feed on pinterest.com and decided to test out some of the msot popular pins to see if the site and it's life hacks can actually improve life.
    I started at night by using the following Pin.


    I am not someone who normally falls in to bed and after 7 mins I am snoring away, I fall a sleep with difficulty and my joints ache and crack when I turn, so I decided to try this. Too be honest it made no difference at all in the quality of my "get ready for bed routine". Infact, I got Needles and Pins in my feet, yes even after 1 minute. Not sure if that means I am really screwed or not. :-P
    I guess it is something you have to try a few nightts in a row to see if it really works or not, so I will be trying it again tonight to see if it makes a difference.

Yo-ho, yo-ho! A pinterest life for me!

I love Pinterest. Why? Because it is so...ALL AMERICAN PREPPY normal!!!
The site is often critisized because of this, and is said to be a site for bored soccer moms. I don't know, what is wrong with being a bored soccer mom?
No one would dare call out other sites for being too "Street" or "too hispter" or whatever.
Ok so a lot of copyright violations happen on the site but you know that you can have your pics removed right?
With that said, I dound this very interesting piece by Rachel Wilkerson Miller


For an experiment she tried all the things off of the "Popular" page on the Pinterest website and blogged about it.
Some are funny (specially the make up and hair tutorials) and some actually worked out, like the recipes for example.

Now for those who know me, I don't usually lead the "normal, soccer mom" kind of life style.
I am very much someone who does things on my own accourd, in my own time and in my own world. I am quite a left wing, free spirit, pagan, artist. At least I hope to think I am.
So I have decided to follow in the footsteps of Rachel Wilkerson Miller, and try this silly experiment for myself.

You guys know that MEME "I tried to be normal once, worst 5 minutes of my life"? Well this is me, trying to be normal. I guess I am going to have to change out of my Elsa's from Frozen fress before I can begin. Ahem...

Summer Bucket List

So I haven't shared my summer bucketlist online and I thought that because summer is almost over (In Holland we have like 2 days left HAHA) I better get to it!!
Some are crazy and some are quiet easy, the * means I have completed it :)

-Have a Picknick
-Go to the Zoo with friends*
-Have a BBQ*
-Sit by a camp fire
-Walk in a corn field
-Go skinny dipping*
-Get a tan
-Get fit
-Go to an Amusement park
-See a falling star
-Go for a drive* (kind of...we went on a long, beautiful route with a bus)
-Light reading*
-Sing Kareoke* (kind of...I preform Frozen songs quite often)
-Go to the beach
-Buy a bikini
-Watch Fireworks
-Eat a selfmade Chocolate cake
-Have a Cream Soda Float*
-Build a blanket fort
-Receive 5 post cards
-Roast marshmellows
-Sail on a boat
-Swim in the sea

My ugliness.

Calling me ugly and making fun of my appearance will never make you a better person.
It makes you shallow and quite pathetic.
I dont have to prove myself to anyone, I AM a free spirit. Free of you.
So go on, go write reviews about my looks, its obviously important to you that the whole world knows!
Here, I'll help.

Pretty People

Facebook...agh, probably the fakest place on earth. Where you post your best (heavily edited) pictures and share what an amazing adventure you are having today.

The thing is we forget it is fake and read it and feel inadequate, not good enough, as if we don't fit in, when in reality every one is just the same as you. (For the most part)

Lately I have been feeling like this too. I see all these amazingly gorgeous people on my friends lists, looking so angelicly pretty or visiting some awesome place, wearing the most elaborate of outfits.

Then I look in the mirror and see my 5 hairs I have left on my head, my ugly ass fat jeans (nothing else fits anymore) and my plain, boring bed room.
I am ever so plain.
I feel dull.

But then I look closer at the things surrounding me, in what is my plain, boring bedroom.
Pictures of my friends and I (un edited!!!) Dressed as pirates and fairies.
My Amy Brown prints I bought in 2002, that brought me closer to my fantasy art friends.
My Queen Elsa cape is trailing on the floor...
There is a sword lying next to my bed...
my bed posts are make shift wig holders...

And then I think. "Wow, I am very peculiar." :)

I like being me. I just wish I had more people to share "me" with. Kindred spirits. Friends.